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CRUA 2019

The application of a novel EIS based device on underwater metallic objects from Sisak Municipal Museum presented at CRUA 2019,conference on Conservation and restoration in underwater archaeology: experiences, methods and new discoveries, 24 – 26 October, Zadar, Croatia. For more information, please contact us at

MTECH 2019

Corrosion resistance of chromium carbide coatings obtained by TRD process examined by novel measurement technique and A novel EIS based device for field and laboratory QA and QC of protective coatings presented at MTECH 2019, Intentaional conference on materials, corrosion, heat treatent , testing and tribology, 9-12 October 2019, Poreč, Croatia.For more information, please contact us at


In the field application of electrochemical impedance spectroscopy for quality and durability quantification of paint coatings presented at EUROCORR 2019,The annual congress of European Corrosion Federation, New times, new materials, new corrosion challenges, 9 - 13 September, Seville, Spain. For more information, please contact us at



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