Corrosion Summer School

Zagreb Corosion Summer School 2019

Corrosion Summer School Purpose: CORROSION SUMMER SCHOOL 2019, to be held at the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Technology from 1st to 5th July 2019 covers a wide range of corrosion and corrosion protection subjects. It is intended for future corrosionists as well as for corrosion professionals, PhD students and scientists experienced in a specialized corrosion field who would like to gain a wider perspective on corrosion theory and practice. Each day, a separate subject will be introduced by the lecturers from academia and industry and through a workshop demonstrating engineering calculations, laboratory and field measurement techniques.

ECTS Points: PhD students who, within three months upon finishing the summer school, submit a report on a given topic will be awarded with ECTS points (expected 3 points).

Organizers: Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Technology (ReCorrLab), Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture at University of Zagreb and Croatian Society for Materials Protection

Lecturers: Confirmed Academia Lecturers: Prof. Dr. Sanja Martinez, Prof. Dr. Vesna Alar, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Helena Otmacic Curkovic, Assist. Prof. Ivan Stojanovic, Assist. Prof. Vinko Simunovic, Dajana Mikic Mag. Appl. Chem , Ivana Soic, Mag. Appl. Chem. Marin Kurtela Mag. Ing. Aeroing. Confirmed Industry Lecturers: Kresimir Kekez (NACE CP3, Icorr Pipeline Coating inspector), Bojan Hudec (NACE: CP1, CIP Level2)

Location: Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Technology, University of Zagreb, Marulićev trg 19, Zagreb, Croatia

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