Corrosion Summer School

Zagreb Corosion Summer School 2021

Corrosion Summer School Purpose: CORROSION SUMMER SCHOOL 2021, to be held online in June-July 2021 covers a wide range of corrosion and corrosion protection subjects. It is intended for both PhD students and practitioners from industry who want to learn more about corrosion and corrosion protection. Lecturers will present theoretical background and practical experience on selected corrosion issues. Each day, a separate subject will be introduced by the lecturers from academia and industry and through a workshop demonstrating engineering calculations, laboratory and field measurement techniques.

ECTS Points: PhD students who, within the week upon finishing the summer school, successfully completed all daily assessments, activities and knowledge checks will be awarded with ECTS points (expected 2 points).

Organizers: Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Technology (ReCorrLab), Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture at University of Zagreb and Croatian Society for Materials Protection

Lecturers: Prof. Dr. Sanja Martinez, Prof. Dr. Vesna Alar, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Helena Otmacic Curkovic, Assist. Prof. Ivan Stojanovic, Assist. Prof. Vinko Simunovic, Dajana Mikic, mag. appl. chem , Ines Šoljić, mag. appl. chem., Angela Kapitanović, mag. chem. ing., Marin Kurtela, mag. ing. aeroing.

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